☼ About Us ☼

Ambía Sachs is a couple living in Brooklyn. They are artists, with rich family history.

Joanne Ambía calls Brooklyn her home, but she has never lost touch with her rural Peruvian roots. Her art is an infusion of earthy narratives as well as her expansive landscape of her childhood memories spent traveling. Outside of this realm, she draws inspiration from the relationship between Native South and North American culture and how it relates to present time.
Her father was a folk Peruvian singer and her mother a constant encouragement of support. Her paternal grandfather was an herbalist and healer and received the key to the city in Chincherros, Peru, for curing the ill.

Allan Sachs is ¼ Chippewa, ½ German, and many other European countries.
He is an enrolled tribe member of the Chippewa Grand Portage Band in Minnesota. He was born in London, England, but grew up in New York City.
His father is a musician and his mother was one of the "Antonio’s Girls". He can trace his maternal grandparent’s Ojibwe heritage back to when they traded beaver skins, logging, and family folktales.