Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fowler Art Show! Year Two!

YEAR TWO, Fowler Arts Collective, Dec. 7th, 2012



"Fowler is pleased to present YEAR TWO, our annual birthday party celebration being held on Friday, December 7th from 7-10pm. Artists from all over the United States have sent postcard-sized works that will be filling our gallery walls. All work will be affordably priced at $80 or below. Many local businesses have generously donated gifts and prizes to be raffled off at the end of the evening. See the amazing list of prizes below. Check back soon for a list of exhibiting artists!
The band, Globular Cluster, will be playing mellow, hypnotic tunes for your auditory enjoyment. Our event will also coincide with an event down the hall at Calico gallery: Calicornicopia. Double the fun at 67 West Street!
YEAR TWO, the exhibition, will be on view all weekend, Sat. and Sun., from 12-6pm. Many other businesses in our building at 67 West will be open during the weekend, so keep an eye out for signs leading the way to more fun!
This year because of the devastation so many of us have experienced as a result of Hurricane Sandy, we will be donating 25% of funds raised from the evening through artwork, raffle ticket, and beer/wine sales to the NYFA's Emergency Relief Fund to support artists most affected by the storm. The rest of what we raise will contribute to the Fowler operating and exhibitions budget for 2013. That means anything you spend will directly support the artists in our studios and in our gallery so they can do their work in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Support your local artists!" -- Lia Post, Fowler Arts Space

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