Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gier frisst Hirn

My Uncle Pedro overlooking his amazingly beautiful agricultural land... 
He also writes interesting articles

One more .... the follies of capitalism.

MARCH 20, 2013 
By: Peter Brunhart

For years the beekeepers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe realized that bee populations were decreasing at an alarming rate. The bees were simply getting lost.

After much research the cause of this problem was finally found: Neonicotinoids, which are substances used for insecticides. Bees ingest them through the water in the flowers and poison them, making them lose orientation. It seems obvious that we must immediately ban these substances to save the bees.

But in our capitalist system, normal logic no longer reigns: European governments failed this prohibition, since most governments did not vote.

How can you explain this? Well, power and chemical industry is so large that can influence government decisions, which in any view are against the interests of the majority.

In German there is a saying: 'Gier frisst Hirn', that says more or less, greed eats the brain. We should also add: morality.

(I translated the best I could, otherwise please visit the link for the original article written in spanish.)

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