Thursday, August 22, 2013

Giving Thanks

These photographs were taken by Lizz Giordano when she volunteered for Threads of Peru. She was able to observe a unique ceremony in the Sacred Valley of Peru...

"The Inca people have been living in the Scared Valley in modern-day Peru, South America since the 13th century. For many life has not changed and many still practice the ancient traditions of the weaving with the back strap loom producing textiles made from the fur of the Llama. They still observe ceremonies that give thanks to mother earth. Life will change soon as new roads are built finally linking small villages to the rest of the world." -- Lizz Giordano

The ceremony was described as being similar to Thanksgiving. They were giving thanks to Pachamama (mother nature) for a successful year and prosperous future. They started by rounding up the llamas, then they prayed and decorated the llamas with organic items. 

Preparing the loom for weaving

Marinating the Cuy and potatoes for feast. Cuy is a delicacy in Peru, it is an ancient dish that we had the pleasure of tasting. It tastes like chicken! Just less meaty, seriously, it was good. 

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